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It is with great pleasure that we announce that SHAMBALLA JEWELS is now and for the rest of 2021 an official sponsor of the talented Danish golfer Emily K. Pedersen.

The 25-year-old Emily K. Pedersen is the new, young great talent in the golf world. She has already shown her worth by ending the year 2020 in an absolutely amazing way. Emily won three tournaments in a row on the Ladies European Tour, which only one other female player in the world has done before her. She has also written herself in the history books in Denmark, being the first Dane ever to deliver this extraordinary achievement.

Founders of SHAMBALLA JEWELS Mikkel and Mads Kornerup, comment on the collaboration: “SHAMBALLA JEWELS is proud to be a part of Emily K. Pedersen exciting journey and hope that the support can help with drawing attention to mental training and meditation as a great tool. A regular meditation session is proven to assist the brain in keeping attention and positively direct the brain force towards a specific task - without being distracted by any outside “noise”.

Emily K. Pedersen practices mental training as part of her program, which enables her to master focus when needed. Emily herself is incredibly happy and excited about the collaboration with the world-renowned jewelry company. She says: “I have long admired the beautiful craftsmanship that has been put into SHAMBALLA JEWELS’ jewelry and that is why I am really proud to be teamed up with them now. I feel that their jewelry fits my style and I think it’s cool that the jewelry is so versatile that they can be worn for both everyday, party and other special events. In addition, I feel honored to be able to be in such a beautiful company when I think about who else wears their jewelry.”

SHAMBALLA JEWELS and f Sports Group have previously collaborated and therefore it also brings great joy and pride to f Sports Group’s CEO that this has once again become a reality. Mads H. Frederiksen says: “We are incredibly happy that we have once again succeeded in entering into a partnership with SHAMBALLA JEWELS. It is always a huge pat on the back when such a reputable company sees the potential in using one of our clients for their commercial affairs. We therefore have no doubt at all that Emily is the perfect match for them. It is very exciting and we look forward to seeing what this collaboration brings.”

To see more of Emily, you can follow her on Instagram: @emilykristinepedersen

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