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Precious stones are like no other.

Diamond by diamond, the skilled artisan’s hands work fast and without any space for making a mistake. The light is dim and you can see various tools laying around. From time to time, you can hear a ringing sound as the artisan lets go of certain tools to replace them with others. This spectacle goes on for hours. And by the time he is finished, his hands uncover a real treasure - a 10mm Diamond Pavé Bead crafted from 18k Gold. Rows of 120 diamonds are placed alongside the bead’s circuit creating a true bedazzling experience.

The art of craftsmanship has always been embedded in the DNA of SHAMBALLA JEWELS. Honoring the traditional craft while blending it with the newest innovations from the jewelry industry is what makes our designs conquer the test of time. Because in a world where mass-production is placed in a spotlight, authentic artisanal work deserves to be acclaimed and sought after.

When you visit our Flagship Stores in Copenhagen or New York, or if you stop by any of the trusted SHAMBALLA® retailers worldwide, you are awaiting a truly special experience where your personality is celebrated through the world of unique craftsmanship.

You can browse through the endless variety of components, choose between diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, or pick a string color that resonates with your style the most. During the whole experience we can guarantee that no gemstone you hold in your hands is an exact copy of the other one. After all, have you ever seen two identical Emeralds? Their color might be classified as green, but their shade depends on many factors such as geographical origin, climate conditions or age. So you might easily find yourself holding two Emerald stones, one in an intense sea-foam green from Colombia, the other in a deep forest-green from Russia.
Behind each stone, there are thousands of years of all the miraculous work only nature can do - producing the perfect color hue or the unique structure and veining of the gem.

Authentic, traditional craftsmanship has been part of humanity since the dawn of time.
We are happy to contribute to the beautiful world of jewelry artistry and create bespoke designs that tell much bigger stories than what the bare eye can see.

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