A new radiant collection inspired by the symbolism of light

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For millennia, light has been the symbol of hope. Yet thanks to its many forms and bright radiance, it can also represent wisdom, love, or journey of mindfulness.

Just when the most magical time of the year unfolds, SHAMBALLA JEWELS is introducing a collection inspired by the ultimate symbol of light - DIYA.

Diya is a little candle that is a significant part of the Hindu Festival of Lights - Diwali. By lighting up a diya, one gets rid of all the evil darkness and illuminates the surroundings.
Through the eyes of the calming SHAMBALLA® Universe, the beautiful symbolism behind Diya blends with the iconic SHAMBALLA® symbols in a new, unforeseen way.

The result is a playful collection of elegant bracelets, mini pendants, necklaces or ear chains that can be mixed & matched together to underline every wearer's personality.
Elegant for the day and edgy for the night? The choice is yours. Discover, attach, mix and play with the endless customization possibilities.

The Diya collection is a synonym of everyday luxury carried by highly exclusive materials and elegant design look.
Explore the endless luminosity of the Diya Collection at our online shop.

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