Flagship store

Our flagship store are built with the purpose of exhibiting the true universe of Shamballa Jewels. Using high-quality materials and rare artefacts such as lingam stones imported from Northern India and smoked oak elements crafted by hand, we have put as much effort into bulding our stores as we do creating our jewellery. We invite you to pay us a visit whenever you are nearby. 

Copenhagen Flagship


Our headquater and flagship store is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. When entering the flagship store we aim to surround our guests with a feeling of peace, calmness and kindness, not to mention quality and uniqueness. All furniture is handmade and when entering the store, a 300kg majestic lingam stone will be one of the first symbols you see. Usually, the shiva lingam is depicted with Yoni, it's feminine counterpart. Together they symbolize the union between the feminine and the masculine that recreate the whole existence.

Ny Østergade 7, 1101 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Opening hours
Monday - Thursday: 10am - 6pm
Friday: 10am - 7pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: closed

Contact information
+45 33 36 59 59

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Retail stores

Our retailers are long-time friends of Shamballa Jewels. Every retailer we work with is considered part of our family and they have been carefully chosen. That's why when you visit a Shamballa Jewels retailer anywhere in the world, you will meet friendly advisors whom know our products in detail and whom provide the appropirate level of service and care.



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