SHAMBALLA JEWELS embodies a unique blend of luxury and spirituality, offering bespoke jewelry that are much more than mere accessories. Each bracelet is personalized, allowing clients to choose their beads and string color, making every piece distinct and reflective of the wearer's individual journey. More than a one-time creation, these bracelets evolve with their owners. Clients can return to add new beads or change the string color, transforming their piece over time to mirror their personal growth and experiences.

  • 1. THE BEADS

    The creation of a SHAMBALLA JEWELS bracelet starts with selecting the beads, a step that infuses the piece with personal meaning. Choose from a variety of 18K gold beads, precious and semi-precious stones, each representing different aspects of life and personal values.


    Selecting the string color is a crucial step that not only allows for personal expression but also brings the entire bracelet together, both visually and symbolically. It's a unique opportunity for clients to add a layer of meaning, whether through a favorite color or one that holds special significance.


    The final step of a SHAMBALLA JEWELS bracelet is the art of macramé braiding which is hallmark of every bracelet, executed with unparalleled skill by our artisans in Copenhagen. The handbraiding reflects our dedication to craftsmanship, merging traditional techniques with individual expression.

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every bracelet tells a story, it's a timeline of your journey

As you modify your jewelry, it becomes a living reflection of your personal growth and the chapters that shape your story, celebrating the beauty of change and evolution.




Shamballa Jewels' diamonds are sourced with consideration and care with zero tolerance policy in regards to conflict diamonds. Through collaboration with trusted diamond suppliers, Shamballa Jewels makes sure to support and follow the internationally agreed Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process is an initiative to block the flow of conflict blood diamonds, and only support the purchase of rough, conflict-free diamonds from trusted, respectful sources whose standards also strictly follow the Kimberley Process declaration.



When sourcing precious and/or semi-precious stones, Shamballa Jewels carefully considers the origin of each material, how it is formed and crafted. The sourcing process is done transparently, in collaboration with trustworthy suppliers that meet strict protocols for mining of precious minerals to ensure a full traceability. To support and protect certain endangered species, Shamballa Jewels does not use materials such as ivory in any of its jewelry designs.



From the moment we ethically source our diamonds to the final touch of our master craftsmen, the journey of creating each of our beads is a testament to uncompromising quality and artistry. Selected for their radiant brilliance, our diamonds are meticulously hand-set onto beads crafted from 18K gold by skilled jewelry craftsmen, melding the lustrous sheen of precious metal with the sparkling allure of nature's finest gemstones. The result is a radiant bead, shimmering with every facet and gleam.



Upon acquiring our ethically-sourced gemstones and beads from trusted suppliers, we bring these treasures to our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, where artistry meets craftsmanship. Here, every piece of jewelry is hand-braided with precision and care, ensuring a fusion of beauty and durability. Our dedication to maintaining high quality is unwavering, as each creation embodies the design passion and meticulous attention to detail that Denmark is renowned for, resulting in pieces that are not only stunning but also crafted to stand the test of time.



Our bracelets are a blend of long-lasting quality and personal expression. Rather than acquiring a new piece for every trend or whim, you have the option to refresh your bracelet by simply altering the beads or string. This approach not only reduces waste but also adds layers of meaning to your bracelet. Every modification becomes a chapter in your bracelet's evolving story, reflecting both individual style and a commitment to the environment. It's a timeless and responsible choice, encapsulating a jewelry creation with purpose.