About us

The Star of Shamballa (SOS)

The star of SHAMBALLA

Our guiding star, our spiritual and moral compass which inspires us in everything we do. We look to the Star of Shamballa for inspiration and we feel its power when strength is needed. The Star of Shamballa is a graphic version of a double Dorje – an ancient Buddhist symbol and artefact that has been part of our journey since the beginning. The Dorje is associated with many myths and legendary tales as it is considered the ultimate tool when capturing the ultimate source of energy: Lightning.

You can say it is the Buddhist version of Thor’s Hammer from Nordic mythology. Legend has it that the Dorje represents the thunderstroke of lightning which leaves humans in a state of enlightenment in the ultimate sense. Once truly enlightened, humans can detach themselves from love, food and even life itself. We consider the Dorje a pivotal part of our DNA which is why we have incorporated it into our logo, the Star of Shamballa, so that it can guide us throughout life.

Signature logo

The SOS is part of every Shamballa Jewels piece as our logo is always present on every bracelet, necklace or bangle. Our logo is engraved into our gold beads with a diamond in the centre. We use the Dorje in special pieces, too, like on the Laughing Skull Phurpa where half a Dorje sits on top of a laughing skull receiving ultimate enlightenment.

Our spiritual fascination leads us to inspire a compassionate way of living. From early stages of designs to the way we handle our business, treat our valuable employees and how we always consider the environment. Using ancient Buddhist philosophies in the way we do business comes with great responsibility which we strive to honour.

The brothers

Shamballa Jewels was founded by Mads & Mikkel Kornerup who both had a burning desire to revolutionise men’s jewellery. And they have done just that since the beginning in 2005. Shamballa Jewels is founded upon ancient Eastern philosophies and traditions and strong Nordic design, craft and business traditions. 

But a strong faith, a die-hard willingness to do things differently, and courage to challenge the established jewellery industry have made Shamballa Jewels stand the test of time. 


Craftsmanship never goes out of style and few others can deliver the bespoke hand-braided bracelets and custom-made pieces Mads and Mikkel can. This craft has been handed down  to the talented production team located at the heart of Shamballa Jewels in Copenhagen, where every braided piece is made by hand. Using only the finest materials, our wide range of gemstones and various colours of gold, a Shamballa Jewels piece can be put together any way our customers wants.

Only the imagination sets the boundaries: A collectors first design often changes over time and year after year, a piece changes colour, stones and materials. But often, pieces from the original design remain and so the journey has begun.

Our collectors, retailers and collaborators around the world are long-time friends of Shamballa Jewels who appreciate the fact that true authenticity and craft can never be replicated. The stories that go into each piece are all unique to the owner; a Shamballa Jewels piece is truly customisable and personal and you feel the dedication to craftsmanship from Mads & Mikkel’s many years of inspired creativity when you put it on for the first time.