Care and Maintenance

At SHAMBALLA JEWELS we use only the rarest and most precious materials nature has to offer. 18K gold, precious gems and pearls are carefully selected for their quality and natural beauty to create jewelry of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

With careful handling, SHAMBALLA JEWELS designs can be worn for a lifetime. Therefore, we advise you not to wear your jewelry while exercising, swimming, and other likewise activities that could damage the goldsmith’s work. Furthermore, it is advised no to expose the jewelry to direct sunlight or perfumes and chemicals that could alter the natural shine every precious stone comes with.

We hope that your jewelry will bring you much joy. 


Our gemstones and turquoises are products of nature that need to be treated with care. Keep them away from high temperatures, perfumes and chemicals. If the gemstones lose shine, they can sometimes be refreshed with organic oil. For this purpose, we recommend almond oil.


Diamonds and gemstones on our pavé beads are meticulously set by hand on 18k gold. Each gemstone is held in position by four tiny prongs, which makes the surface very smooth and prevents it from scratching your skin or tearing your clothing. The pavés are however sensitive to rough treatment, so please be careful not to scratch or pound them against hard surfaces.


Rhodium is a precious, rare metal which belongs to the same group as platinum. In order to give a durable black color to our jewelry we electroplate it with black rhodium.

Black rhodium plating will always set and appear differently from piece to piece. While resistant to corrosion, it can wear off eventually and needs to be re-plated from time to time.


Our pearls are naturally grown pearls from the best farmers in Tahiti and the South Sea Pacific. Each pearl is handpicked from amongst thousands for its form, color and mother of pearl layer. The best way to keep the glow of pearls is by wearing them, since the contact with skin creates humidity that help pearls to maintain their glowing character. Avoid storing them in dark, dry compartments and exposing them to perfumes and other chemicals.


If your jewelry features SHAMBALLA JEWELS’ signature macramé string, we advise you to get it rebraided occasionally. Our strings are very durable, so rebraiding once a year is usually sufficient. When having your jewels rebraided, you have the opportunity to change the color of the string as well as the combination of beads. Always choose a trusted SHAMBALLA JEWELS retailer to handle the maintenance of your jewelry to ensure quality and consistency.


SHAMBALLA JEWELS solid bangles consist of hand-crafted lock systems for a secure closure. Please handle all locks with care when opening. Always make sure not to use force when opening the locks or pulling them.