Unique textures, vivid colors and unseen combinations meet in a new Shamballa Jewels collection.

This season, our designers decided to zoom their focus on unique, hand-picked gemstones with one of a kind texture and color range.
Just like everything in nature is unique, even the gemstones used in this collection don’t have a twin to be matched to.

The male collection is dominated by hues of green - vivid Emeralds and intense Turquoises are interlaced with Green Turquoises with golden veining, just to be met with tones of brown and black to create a balanced harmony.

The female collection celebrates the whole color spectrum, almost like a wing of a parrot, with dark orange Carnelians, pulsing Emeralds and Pink Sapphires, accompanied by more subtle tones of Peach Moonstones and Milky Aquamarines.

Discover the spring & summer 2023 collection here.
Please note, any of the spring & summer 2023 creations can be customized to your preference with exchanged beads or string color.

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