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What memories do you like to remember the most? Is it a wedding date, the birth of your child or an important event that had an impact on your life?

Every personal journey is unique, and every personal journey has its ups and downs on the way. It is therefore important to be reminded of this path and capture its unique moments as they shape us into who we are.

Our selection of 18K Gold and Ceramic Beads does not only allow you to choose the color you prefer, yet you can also personalize every bead with a message of your choice. Personal monogram, important dates or initials, or any memory that makes you smile? The options are endless.

Personalization embedded in our DNA

In 2001, just in the very beginning of SHAMBALLA JEWELS, we were awarded the opportunity to design a bracelet for the music impresario Jay-Z.
’’Back then New York City was experiencing this big yoga movement where many celebrities started practicing yoga and meditation,’’ says our co-founder Mads Kornerup.
’’Jay-Z himself was part of the movement and requested a bracelet that would be more meditative than the traditional jewelry from the rap world. So we created a set of golden beads with his personalized engraving - his Rocawear clothing label logo, his initials, as well as two 0,5 carat diamonds. So personalization of beads has been part of our DNA ever since,’’ says Mads enthusiastically.

To personalize your jewelry through engraving, or for any questions and requests, please contact the store manager Maria at maria@shamballajewels.com, or call us at +45 3336 5959.
You are also always welcome to visit our Copenhagen Flagship Store.

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