Find your inner peace through breathing

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How much control can we gain if we learn how to control the breathing?

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. An activity so natural to the human body that most people are not even aware of it. It happens, when we sleep or think, it happens all the time.
And despite breathing being present in the life of humans since moment one, most of it happens rather unconsciously. However, breathing can also become a conscious thing. An activity we can control and use for our benefit. The wise teaching of yoga knows about this phenomenon and has been focusing on the power of breathing for centuries.

Conscious breathing practice also appears when starting with meditation. Many beginners find it difficult to calm their minds and focus on ‘nothing’ that is the true core of meditation as such. But by focusing on the rhythm of the breath - one in, and the one out, we can balance out the mind and dive deep into the meditative state. Many meditation gurus always recommend to ‘go back to the breath’. Once your mind starts swirling around all kinds of thoughts, pushing you off the meditative track, just go back and focus on the breath. That will keep you on the meditative journey.

One could be surprised to find out how powerful breathing can be. It can even help the mind remain rational when going through turmoil. Whenever there is a moment that disbalances the feelings and releases a flush of anger or sadness, just sit down and focus on the breathing. As simple as that. Imagine the trajectory along which the air is traveling when entering the body. Deep breath in, deep breath out. And again - deep breath in, deep breath out.

If we can learn how to control our breath, maybe we can also learn how to fully control our lives.

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