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The award-winning SHAMBALLA® Flip Lock Cuff is now available with a unique and innovative design technique like no other.

Detailed elements meticulously connect into one solid whole, creating a bold and flexible cuff that opens the doors to further customization. When zoomed in, the SHAMBALLA® Flip Lock Cuff uncovers a rich world of technical craftsmanship where every bead is created with the utmost precision, yet when zoomed out, the eye is pleased with an undivided ellipsis of 18k Gold, precious Gemstones, and Diamonds.

Guiding memento
Calmness in the storm, or the right path in the whirl of chaos. The innovative SHAMBALLA® Flip Lock Cuff finds inspiration in the armband of ancient soul warriors. Their mental resistance, spiritual journey, and a purpose bigger than themselves is what defined these heroes, and SHAMBALLA JEWELS transports this message into modern times.

Nowadays, the chaos finds its physical form in the busy life we tend to live. The overwhelming intensity and omnipresent noise dressed in the shape of the pursuit of success. Yet, the mind seeks its safe place, a place where the noise is replaced with meditative quietness and the demanding expectations are replaced with a satisfying fulfillness.
Just like the soul warriors carried their daily spiritual reminder on their wrist, SHAMBALLA® Flip Lock Cuff is inspired by this armband and is meant to become a guiding memento to seek the calming sanctuary for the mind, for the body, and for oneself.

Personalization with no limits
Every bead then reveals the opportunity for a full personalization and can be sparkled up by rows of radiant Diamonds, flipped to uncover its different side, or enriched with a colorful enamel for a playful touch.
Visit SHAMBALLA JEWELS Flagship Stores in Copenhagen or New York, or visit any of our trusted retailers to discover the world of SHAMBALLA® Flip Lock Cuff customization.

Innovation in every design step
The award-winning SHAMBALLA® Flip Lock Cuff is supported by an innovative design technique. On the inside, a sharply cut stainless-steel soul is placed and designed to fit the 10mm lock bead while allowing flexible freedom to the whole cuff. Thanks to a thin and clean cut of the soul, SHAMBALLA® Flip Lock Cuff is easy to put on and perfectly aligns with the shape and size of the wrist.
On the backside, SHAMBALLA® Flip Lock Cuff carries two gold end cups that support each other in ideal harmony. One of the gold end cups slides onto the bracelet, while the second one locks the bracelet once all the gold lock beads and spacers are set in place.

SHAMBALLA® Flip Lock Cuff is designed to tell a story of high-quality craftsmanship and endurance through a selection of gold lock beads and spacers, all smoothly cut to create a homogeneous and solid finish.

Discover more about SHAMBALLA® Flip Lock Cuff at our webshop.

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