Realm of compassion collection

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For more than a decade, Shamballa Jewels has dedicated itself to creating unique and highly personal fine jewellery for men and women alike, who are in search for experiences that go beyond what is simply luxury. For A/W 2018, the fine jewellery brand, Shamballa Jewels, presents the Realm of Compassion Collection taking inspiration from where it all began; the Himalayan Kingdom of Shamballa.

Simplicity reminds us that life needs not to be so complicated, and we are encouraged to search for compassion and kindness in raw and rough surroundings. The journey takes us back to the Himalayan Kingdom of Shamballa – translated from Sanskrit meaning “a place of peace and tranquillity”. It is said to be a place only existing in the heart and mind of the individual where compassion and insight are the weapons towards courage and strength when facing darkness. A colourful and diverse the colour palette of purple Amethysts, red Rubies and Blue Sapphires is given a calm touch when complemented by a newcomer, the masculine Black Jade, and sparkles with bravery when combined with the powerful Pink Sapphire.

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