For four years, we’ve been travelling around the globe, hand-picking some of the rarest, breathtaking gemstones from locations beyond the horizon. ⁠

It is with great delight that we present you this year’s Special Creations that pay tribute to the pulsing red Rubies and Pink Sapphires from Greenland, combined with highly rare Raw Diamonds. ⁠

We now set the Special Creations off on a journey across selected locations where you’ll be able to discover these one-of-a-kind designs with your own eyes. ⁠
Now you can explore these rare designs at Trois Pommmes - our trusted retailer from Switzerland. 

Keep an eye on our Instagram @shamballajewels where the upcoming locations will be revealed to you.

Let the journey begin.

This video was shot at the wonderful SHAMBALLA® Master Suite in Villa Copenhagen. 

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