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Shamballa Jewels, announces its movement into e-commerce through a brand-new collaboration with the luxury e-commerce platform, Farfetch recently presented its own movement into hard luxury with the launch of its new watch and jewellery hub offering “a fresh, un-intimidating and non-traditional take on high-end jewellery and watches”, which Shamballa Jewels – among others - will be part of.

CEO and Co-Founder of Shamballa Jewels, Mikkel Kornerup, says the following about the new collaboration: “Fine watches and jewellery is on a very interesting journey within e-commerce, and we are proud of taking part of it through this new, exciting collaboration with Farfetch. It does not only enable us to go online for the very first time but also marks an important milestone in a long-term strategy aimed towards growing the business - online, as well as offline – and securing Shamballa Jewels’ strong position within the fine jewellery industry.”

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