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For more than a decade, we have united the philosophy of East Asia with Nordic design traditions to create exclusive creations, for men and women around the world, that are more than just valuable materials; jewelry that takes you on a very special journey into the universe of SHAMBALLA JEWELS, and allows you to experience the magic and energy behind creating personal treasures through endless combinations of diamonds and precious stones.

Jewelry that is rarely identical, and all with a unique meaning that evokes emotions, represents values, stories and memories - and thus reveals a small part of your personality and individuality. Each SHAMBALLA® design is created in sublime materials of 18K gold, diamonds, pearls and precious stones, all of which are selected based on their quality and natural beauty, and can be combined crosswise as desired.

Each piece of jewelry has at least one 18K gold bead, and an 18K gold lock closing adorned with our logo and iconic symbol - the STAR OF SHAMBALLA®. From there, it is only the imagination that sets the limits for how a piece of jewelry can be specially designed for you, your personality and style.

Never before has such a high level of customization been seen in the field of luxurious and exclusive jewelry, which allows you to use one design on all occasions - formal or informal. As the years go by, your piece of SHAMBALLA JEWELS can be re-designed and upgraded with a new string color and gemstone, which can, again, be re-designed into a new piece of jewelry or passed on to younger generations. This is a rare chance to let your jewelry evolve with you as time goes on, and pass on the vibrant and unique story it represents.

SHAMBALLA JEWELS is an intriguing union between Nordic design traditions where exclusive materials and excellent craftsmanship are vital; and ancient Eastern philosophy where storytelling, symbols, and mythical details are in focus.

The company was founded by Mads & Mikkel Kornerup, two brothers who both had a burning desire to inspire men to wear exclusive jewelry with a relaxed attitude. And they have done just that since the beginning in 2005.

A strong faith, a die-hard willingness to do things differently, and courage to challenge the established jewelry industry have made us stand the test of time.

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