Copy of Care and Maintenance

All Shamballa Jewels precious gems and pearls are carefully selected for their quality and natural beauty before being in 18K gold to create exceptional jewelry. 
With careful handling, your jewelry can be worn for a lifetime. We advise you not to wear your jewelry while excersising, swimming and other activities that could damage the goldsmith's work. Our jewelry is all braided, set and polished by hand in Copenhagen, Denmark og New York, USA.

Pavé Beads

Diamonds and precious stones on our pavé beads are
meticulously set by hand on 18K gold.

Each gemstone is held in position by four tiny prongs.
The pavé setting is sensitive to rough treatment.

Please avoid impact against hard surfaces.

 Rhodium Plating

 Rhodium is a precious metal, which belongs to
the same group as platinum. In order to give a
durable black and white color to our gold
jewelry we elctroplate it with rhodium.

The black rhodium plating sets and appears
differently from piece to piece.

While resistant to corrosion, it will wear off
and needs to be re-plated from time to time.


Our Pearls are natural and from the best farmers
in Tahiti and the South Sea Pacific.
Each Pearl is handpicked from amongst thousands
for its' form, color and layer of mother-of-pearl.

To keep them lustrous, wear them and keep them
humid against skin. Avoid storing in dark, dry compartments,
and exposure to parfumes and chemicals.