An Eternal Odyssey Through Ancient Civilizations


Every year, Shamballa Jewels handpicks utterly unique gemstones and creates a collection of impeccable pieces like no other. 

This year, the Special Creations take you on a journey back in time. We invite you to explore millennia-old ancient beads meticulously combined with rare diamonds and gemstones from all corners of the world. 
No two of these beads are alike. Craftsmen from ancient Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley shaped these beads from lapis lazuli, carnelian, and jade, using age-old techniques to engrave motifs like protective eyes and spirals symbolizing eternity. 

Legacy of Bead Artistry

Bead-making is among humanity’s oldest artistic pursuits. Creating talismans to connect with the spiritual world and uniting civilizations across the globe, the craft of these skilled artisans has withstood the test of time and layed a foundation for jewelry artistry as we know it today. 

Come with us on a voyage through centuries and discover the rich symbolism behind every bead, each telling a different story from the past. 

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